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We are A7 Labs LLC, a legally registered company with its Head Quarters located in Tampa, Florida, United States of America.

We operate virtually all over the world, our founders are tech nerds, digital nomads and people with a passion for traveling and exploring the world. We come from the year 3025,  our goal is to keep allowing people to have a steady job, while also taking full advantage of the technology available and the flexibility of remote work. 


We do have a physical address for legal notifications and Company Registry, including EIN / VAT.

We have multiple points of contact to ensure we have easy communication with our clients, partners and associates. You can try the CONTACT PAGE, or SUPPORT PAGE if you are a customer and need support.

Payments & Refunds

We accept any valid legal payment. Cash, Debit and Credit Cards, PayPal, ACH transfer and direct deposit.

Your payment information is processed by third parties that comply with industry standards of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. A7 Labs LLC  and its affiliates do not store any  of your payment details and/or card information.  We might keep information like billing address, phone number, full names, transaction consecutive, payment method and last for 4 digits of card used and card issuer. All this information is stored securely to ensure we protect your privacy.

Due to the nature of our work as service providers and or consultants, all the projects, consultations, services and assessments we provide are based on billable hours, software license fees, domain and hosting fees, legal fees and others.  Being those mentioned before intangible resources, WE DON’T OFFER ANY REFUNDS AND/OR EXCHANGES. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

By using any of our services you agree to comply with the use and exploitation policy. This policy states that until the client has not completed 100% of the payment for any services, consultations and/or contract between us, and the client. The use, exploitation, commercialization of any material, services, websites, application, and all the work we provide, it belongs to The Company, and clients are forbidden from making any type of commercial, promotional, marketing, distribution, sell, re sell, promote and not limited for any use that might and will generate income and/or profit.

Intelectual property & File Storage

Yes, we don’t hold to any of the original editable files. By request we can send you every asset used, this includes, files, photos, audio, text, logos, brand books, brand fonts, and more.

Except for logos, trademarks, slogans, and client protected material. Every design, sketch, flyer, website, video, brochure, crm, and not limited to all the content we produce for our clients, is our moral authority and/or intelectual property. We reserve the right to keep copies of it indefinitely on any medium of storage at any location worldwide.

While you are the owner of such content and material, ALL CLIENTS AGREE THAT BY USING ANY OF OUR SERVICES AND PROVIDING US SUCH ELEMENTS, they provide us, our affiliates, partners, associates, employees, contractors, and sub contractors, including anyone that needs to work with such content for the client project(s). The client provides us an INDEFINITE, NON REVOCABLE RIGHT TO USE THEIR COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL, for the finalities of the hired  service(s), consultation, projects and/or for our portfolio of completed projects.

Due to the nature of our services, we keep backup copies of our work on multiple locations across the world. Some of these backups might be in the form of a RAR/ZIP/GZ file archive, which makes it impossible to scan folder by folder looking for a specific file. As they also conform our portfolio and company digital assets. By using one or any of our services, the end user agrees that FILES WE STORE WON’T BE DELETED.

Cyber Security 

Yes! We have strict protocols to protect, secure and restrain access to our clients information. This includes Firewall policies, IP content restrictions, user level access permissions, virus and malware scanning and may include encryption.

We take account security very seriously, and make multiple efforts to protect our clients’ accounts. For that reason we recommend the following:


  1. Whenever switching between other service providers to us, first change passwords and disable users before ending contracts.
  2. Account security is client responsibility, make sure you use strong and difficult passwords. Nothing that’s related to you and/or that could be easily identifiable. Ex, birth dates, residential address, pets name, etc. The more random and alphanumeric a password is, the better.
  3. Under no circumstance open sensitive accounts on public devices.
  4. We suggest using 2FA, two Factor Authentication and Login Alerts whenever possible.
  5. If accounts are connected to your social profiles, make sure only you have access to those sites.
  6. Don’t install any software, open any email attachments not expected, even if from a contact or friend.
  7. The company is not liable or responsible for failure to attend our recommendations that might result in account hacking or loss.

While our systems have ultra high standards of security, At the moment, we are not HIPAA compliant.

While our systems have ultra high standards of security, At the moment, we are not PCI compliant. HOWEVER, our payment systems that we integrate, like Stripe and PayPal. Do comply with PCI.

Web Design Terms and Conditions

The website design service is intender for companies or individuals who need an online presence. Comes integrated with the addons to make the service work. It’s contracted for periods of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months. The days start counting since the day service starts.

The domain names are registered for periods of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months depending on the final agreement. And it’s subject to the following conditions:

  1. Domain names must reflect as accurate as possible the name of the company or individual it represents.
  2. Domain name availability may vary depending on chosen name. We provide .COM domains, other domains are subject to additional fees related to the Domain Name cost and the period contracted.
  3. If we register the domain name, the client can request a Domain Name Transfer, this can only be done 20 days prior to, on renovation/expiration dates or after domain expiration and redemption period.
  4. Domain transfers might have additional cost depending on the receiving provider.
  5. Domain Names are managed by third party services and on time renewal is client responsibility. The company, us, affiliates, parters, providers and any joint partie(es) assumes no responsibility and/or any type of liability, weather it’s legal, civil and commercial for loss of domain name if client is unable to renew it, it enters redemption period or if its acquired by a third party.
  6. Domain Names must not infringe third party copyrights, branding names, brand slogans, and other protected material. For example, trying to imitate another entity for whatever reason is not allowed.
  7. Domain names cannot be similar to existing brands or companies in order to confuse the end user, commit fraud, send messages as the company or any other pishing activities. For example:,,, – Genrally, any domain name that contains the words and/or name of an existing company who’s use you have not been granted permission by their part is a domain we will not register and/or delete. No refunds or credits shall be issued if the domain name violates the policy described here.

We provide the necessary hosting space according to technical assessment of website needs, this may vary from case to case. It can go from 10GB to 100B on shared hosting servers. Dedicated Servers will have different capacity based on configuration, redundancy requirements and application needs. Hosting Services are subject to these general rules.

  1. The provided capacity delivered to clients is 50% for website essential files such as text, source code, images, downloadable files like e-books, emails and attachments, uploaded documents for APPs and CRMs systems, site MySQL databases, databases of other sources, and including other necessary content not listed here that is essential for the functioning of the website. The other 50% of space is dedicated for site back-up files.
  2. File upload limit may vary depending if it’s a shared server or dedicated server, file upload limit is 75mb for web upload. Videos and photos uploaded via FTP have a 2GB limit.
  3. It’s not allowed to upload installers, executables, malicious code and scripts, sharing of any video series, tv series, movies, games, software that requires license and in general any digital assets and/or files who you don’t have explicit permission from the creators to share, sell, re-sale.

We are friendly with cold outreach email campaign software, however, to comply with Anti-SPAM laws and regulations, email sending is subject to the following rules.


  1. On shared servers, clients cannot send more than 350 emails every 24 hours. Accounts that exceed this limit might be suspended automatically by the SPAM prevention software, domains or IP addresses blacklisted. 
  2. Clients shall not send any email containing any type of scam, phishing, malicious code, impersonating another person or entity, inviting to engage in unlawful activities, criminal activities, sale of forbidden or restricted merchandise and drugs. Gun sales and gun marketing email sending might vary depending on local laws, for such cases, client should provide proof that he has full authorization to promote and/or sell guns.   
  3. All senders are required to list their physical address at the footer of every email and unsubscribe links.
  4. All emails should be acquired legally, some jurisdictions forbid the purchasing of email databases. While some are publicly available on the internet, we suggest you check your local laws.

Tech Support & Response time frames

We classify and triage requests by the following levels:

  • Low:
    • Normal inquiries.
    • Information requests.
    • Account questions.
    • Billing information and requests.
  • Medium
    • Changes on platforms that affect operations.
    • Update contact information on sites and apps.
    • Social media.
  • High
    • User login issues.
    • Website issues.
    • CRM Issues.
    • Warranty requests.
  • Urgent
    • System issues.
    • Website and apps service level.
    • Typos or misleading communication posted on any platform.
    • Servers and/or sites are not working. 

We strive to provide a fast response to any customer inquiry, this means we commit to provide a response time of 24 to 48 hrs on business days. And up to 72 hrs. Please note that some support requests might take longer once received, depending on the complexity of the issue, on all cases you will hear from a human via email letting you know what happened, what’s being done and an estimated time for the fix.

Real Estate Video Service Agreement

The present document constitutes the Service Agreement (“AGREEMENT”) for the production of audiovisual pieces on real estate. This AGREEMENT is entered into between THE CLIENT, Natural or Legal Person, acting on their own behalf and/or as a representative, and TPMP, Digital Marketing and AudioVisual Production Agency.

THE CLIENT and TPMP will be governed by this and other applicable policies.

TPMP will create audiovisual and graphic material on the property(ies) provided by THE CLIENT for the contracted work. Using high technology and various methods, TPMP will deliver to THE CLIENT the final product, a video (THE VIDEO), for commercial promotion of the property(ies) required by THE CLIENT, for sale or rent.

After THE CLIENT’s requirements are approved, TPMP will send an invoice. This invoice includes a non-refundable advance payment term of 50% of the contracted value upon acceptance of the terms.

THE CLIENT acknowledges being authorized to film on the properties and grants TPMP and its affiliates the necessary permissions to film, record, photograph, and capture images of the property(ies) to be promoted through the video.

TPMP will send THE CLIENT a USB drive with the finished product, THE FINAL VIDEO, with a limited license for the use and commercial promotion of the property(ies). The final product, THE VIDEO, includes the logos of the client and TPMP as the audiovisual producer. TPMP will also deliver the raw files under the intellectual and material authorization license of TPMP.

TPMP receives an indefinite-term license from THE CLIENT to record, film, edit, store, and distribute THE VIDEO, its raw pieces, new versions, and intellectual property-protected material belonging to THE CLIENT, as well as individuals present in the property(ies).

TPMP’s obligation to THE CLIENT is the timely and professional delivery of the audiovisual pieces, THE FINAL VIDEO (which may include audio), unless express conditions arise where THE CLIENT fails to provide and/or manage the necessary access permissions for TPMP’s personnel to the property(ies) to be filmed.

THE CLIENT confirms having the necessary, unrestricted permissions from the owner(s) and/or occupants of the property(ies) for filming, recording, and editing required for the delivery of THE FINAL VIDEO. The owner(s), resident(s), are informed that all copyright and intellectual property rights to THE FINAL VIDEO and unpublished material, photographs, and all recordings, among others, belong to TPMP and its affiliates. THE CLIENT cannot make claims of intellectual or material authorship, copyright, or license over material produced by TPMP.

If THE CLIENT modifies the dates for filming with less than 72 hours before the initially agreed-upon date, TPMP will send an additional invoice for 25% of the agreed-upon value. This must be paid prior to the start of filming.

TPMP may edit, modify, and indefinitely store the unpublished material and THE FINAL VIDEO in any medium it deems necessary. TPMP also reserves the right to use this material in any physical or digital medium for purposes it deems necessary, marketing, public relations, content promotion, content offering, among others, at TPMP’s complete discretion, without any time or usage limitations.

THE CLIENT shall not directly and/or indirectly request TPMP’s personnel and affiliates for tasks outside the company, indirectly hire TPMP’s personnel for any type of function outside the agreed-upon scope, and/or suggest jobs outside of this agreement. This includes the prohibition of economic compensation and/or any type of extra benefit not communicated to TPMP that THE CLIENT wishes to provide to its personnel.

The parties agree to the clauses of this document, and their relationship is governed by this and other applicable policies. In case of disputes and/or if a clause is not valid, the others will continue to be valid, as well as TPMP’s internal policies.